Why is Yung Lean already an influential artist

For those who do not already know Yung Lean, he is a young 19 years old rapper from Sweden and member of the Sad Boys, who became famous in 2013 for his album “Unknow Death 2002” and some of his most famous singles like Kyoto, Yoshi City or Ginseng Strip 2002. Despite the fact that his music as been criticized a lot in his home country, the hype in America is real and nobody can test his unique style.

Here are 10 reasons why he has already made his place in the heavy league;

1.He will not change his style even if the respond from the public is bad. He will stay true to himself, whether you like it or not.

2.He wears what he feels like wearing and completely assumes it. He made bucket hats cool again and is now on a steez that few seems to understand.

yl phila

3. He created a hype around Arizona drinks. Seriously, once you have built a hype on an iced tea beverage, what can stop you?

arizona yl

4. He may not be the most known rapper, but his fans are probably the most engaged. He is currently performing around the world with his Sad Boys crew for the Warlord World Tour. 

5. He has already worked with the greatest like Travi$ Scott, Charli XCX and some international artists like Justin Bieber, feel the sadness. 

Sad boys and Justin

6. He created a unique style of rap, which was considered as soft for the slow beats and stoner lyrics. The hype around Yung Lean started on the internet and was first taken as a joke by many, but soon enough, the Sad Boys community grew and they are now playing in almost 70 cities around the world.

7. As we can see in many interviews, Yung Lean seems to have a different but profound point of view on hip-hop and life in general, which is reflected in his songs. 


8. He wrote Ginseng Strip 2002 when he was only 15 years old and the clip has almost hit 10 million views on Youtube. 


9. Despite his native Swedish language and criticism on his “broken” English, Yung Lean has a true talent in expressing his ideas.

10. He’s the shit, b**ch.

im the shit bitch

Like him or hate him, Yung Lean has brought a brand new style to the hip-hop community and he is on his way of becoming an international artist.

The Warlord World Tour is ongoing and if you want to see him perform on stage, grab your tickets here.

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