Fashion has changed

It has been almost a year since the young designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has shaken fashion in Russia. You may or may not know him, but he sure created a hype that is still lasting with his soviet proud label. In fact, his love for the country is reflected in most of his creations, which makes the trend particularly attracting for foreign and un-informed fashion lover. But would Gosha Rubchinskiy have had the same success few years ago?

There is something going on right now in the industry that could be defined as intercultural fashion. It seems like every fashion pioneer from all around the world want to share their own approach to fashion and taste foreign ones, which can create a very interesting mix sometimes. COMME DES GARÇONS is a Japanese label (despite what one might think), that plays with this cultural mix and that is what makes it so interesting and popular. Fashion is an art and art is all about breaking barriers and bringing unconventional to our planned lives by elevating our taste to something that goes beyond what we are used to. This is why we are so attracted to foreign creations.

Some might say that Europe’s influence in America has been there for centuries ,which is totally true. But back then, it was more of a one-way process since trends were launch in fashion capitals like Paris, Milan or London and the wave would hit America afterwards. Now, designers are getting inspired by fashion artists from all around the world to make their very own creations, which makes the fashion culture so much richer. Technologies have surely something to do with this, as it is much easier nowadays to learn about underground labels that would have never made it all the way to America otherwise. It is this visibility that the internet brings that helped artists like Gosha

I will not lie, fashion capitals are still strong and Europe is still ahead of us in this matter, but this sure gives hope for every fashion artists out there who taught they would never stand a chance.







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